Every type of project, whether big or small, requires a certain amount of professionalism and organization. There’s a plethora of logistics to consider when it comes to planning a construction project and ultimately executing it.

So what’s the first aspect in construction? Scheduling, of course! Nova Consulting Services specializes in a great deal of various details when it comes to scheduling. Our construction consultants can help with design-build schedules, complete CPM construction schedules, bid schedules, and program management schedules, amongst other duties.

We also recommend looking into our TCO management portfolio. With this type of service, your budget, production, or efficiency isn’t sacrificed due to a lack of readiness for life-safety testing and other TCO testing processes, ensuring the project is completed on time.

Please feel free to take a look at our TCO Management services for more information about the tasks we perform for this specific aspect of construction management consulting.