TCO Management

TCO Management

Every facility operator and building owner understands the importance of life safety and equally, every Contractor knows the importance of finishing the project on time. However, the connection between life safety and project completion is not always made. Though TCO Management is a supplemental service, its importance should not be overlooked or hastily viewed as an unnecessary burden to a project’s budget. Consider TCO Management as your added level of insurance for project completion.

With Nova, you no longer have to sacrifice quality, efficiency, production, or budget for timely project completion. Our TCO Management strategies will ensure that the building’s systems are proper and ready for in-house testing and final inspection when that time comes. Our goal through TCO Management is to facilitate the most efficient and positive test results for the Contractor so that final inspections and project acceptance can be easily achieved within the time constraints of the contract.

Nova has perfected a process called TCO Management. With exacting awareness toward TCO and project completion, Nova focuses on the completion and successful operation and in-house testing of the BMS and Life Safety Systems. Our efforts during TCO Management will be concentrated on the construction schedule, trouble-shooting within each system, equipment startup and readiness, in-house testing, and final inspections.

During TCO Management, Nova will assist the MEP and Life Safety subcontractors in the development and implementation of acceptable testing procedures and will be present to facilitate and witness all essential systems testing.

Being this near to completion, there is no time for surprises. Nova will have simulated the testing and inspection process in its entirety with the in-house commissioning team prior to final inspection. Our goal is to enter a final inspection with confidence, knowing how each device will operate and the results it will produce.

With a proven track record of bringing numerous projects across the finish line successfully, Nova’s TCO Management Team will assist you with in-house testing of the following life safety systems:









Pre-inspection system preparation and testing is often a daunting task for Contractors and Subcontractors. There are many reasons why a building is not ready or does not pass final inspection:

  • A lack on on-going coordination uncovers installation or design defects that delay final installations.
  • The high demand on the workforce at the end of the project leaves little time for focused concentration on testing.
  • The system installers are confident that their installations are correct and therefore are not thorough in pre-inspection testing.
  • Lack of sufficient testing procedures.
  • Lack of experience and guidance through the testing process.

Eliminate the factors that cause failed final inspections.  Allow Nova Consulting Services to handle your TCO Management process and experience a prepared and organized inspection process of which you can be proud.

Eliminate the factors that cause failed final inspections. Allow Nova Consulting Services to handle your TCO Management process.